Garden Services Adelaide

Garden Services Adelaide

Garden Services Adelaide

How do you pick a good gardener ?

Your first consideration is what gardening services do you need ?

Gardening Equipment

If you need someone to supply their own gardening equipment then clearly the gardener should have these.

How much are you willing to pay a gardener ?

This is something you should think carefully about because good quality work and skills usually comes at a slightly higher price. You want to make sure you garden is in good hands and looks healthy as a result, but of course we don’t have unlimited budgets. Discuss costs and how long various gardening tasks might take with the prospective gardener. You might be able to negotiate that they do some work and share some with you – perhaps under their expert direction.

Gardening qualifications or experience ?

Just because a gardener doesn’t a degree in horticulture doesn’t mean they can’t do a great job of looking after your garden. My view is that local experience is more important than qualifications in gardening. If the person has been a local for many years then they would be familiar with the localised climate, and how various plant species tolerate it; prevalent local diseases and potentially destructive insects etc – you get the picture. GGardening is about being connected with the local garden.


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