Landscaping Services Adelaide

All Seasons Yard Services provides a full range of Landscaping Services in Adelaide

Landscaping Services Adelaide

The team at All Seasons Yard Services prides themselves in the range of Gardening Services Adelaide provided including:

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning involves carefully removing tree branches typically with secateurs, tree loppers or a pruning hand saw. For removing very large branches, the tree pruning might be undertaken with a chain saw. In all cases safety is the prime concern of the tree lopper especially when using power tools. Further, innocent by standers including pets, should be removed from the area where large boughs might fall after being pruned from the tree.

There are numerous benefits that many people may not be aware of to Pruning Trees including:

Tree Pruning for Safety

Removing tree branches that are dead or dying and rotting will reduce the risk of a branch falling and destroying property or worse, falling on a child playing in the backyard. A falling branch may also damage other branches within the tree and impact its shape and health.

Tree Pruning for appearance

Re-shaping a tree by removing odd or misshapen branches can balance the foliage, making the tree more symmetrical and therefore attractive.

Trimming for Tree Health

Removing congested branches and foliage will provide better air movement and sunlight through the tree.
If the tree has diseased limbs, then removing them can often help preserve the tree’s life and possibly stop the tree disease.

Pruning fruit trees for better crops

It is well understood that pruning fruit trees will encourage growth and the size and quality of the fruit. There are important techniques when pruning fruit trees to ensure the trimming provides the optimal outcomes. Species of fruit tree may require different pruning styles for best results.

Pruning newly planted trees

Not something that the average gardener would be aware of, but newly planted trees should be pruned to compensate for root loss and also to establish the tree’s initial symmetry and shape.

Tree pruning for a view

If dense tree foliage is blocking your view then pruning the tree will restore your view, and possibly open up the area.

Lawn mowing service

Our Lawn mowing service is also very popular. Lawn mowing clients find this service convenient because we simply get onto the job of cutting their grass without fuss or bother. If the lawns need to be cut then we mow them – when the lawns don’t need to be mown then we don’t.  Its as simple as that. Just another one of our gardening services Adelaide

Part of the job of lawn mowing is to clean up, and we use blowers to sweep away cut grass, the pack it into bags and take them away.

No fuss no bother, you just have expertly mown lawns all the time!

Cutting your lawn regularly gives a fresh clean look to your entire garden, and the even layout of a freshly cut lawn provides an attractive geometric balance

Other gardening services

We can also help improve your garden and outdoor living area with these other garden services:

  • Garden Irrigation System installation

    Save yourself the extra work and tedium of of hand watering your garden with one of our automatic watering systems.
    Irrigation systems have been shown to use less water than hand watering, or a tap connected sprinkler.
    This means they will save you money in water costs over the long term.
    The automatic timers ensure your lawn gets the optimal amount of water and at the best to me of day too
    Now you don’t have to miss the game, when the lawn needs to be watered.

  • Paving to make your garden beautiful & functional

    Paving transforms your garden by providing practical yet beautiful paths or entertainment areas. Not only do pavers look great they really are a practical and attractive solution. The alternative is an unattractive path of compressed lifeless ground where people walk most frequently.
    Pavers also save you from having dirt tramped into the house. By carefully laying out pavers we can guide people from the street or driveway through your garden to the front door or to a relaxed entertaining area. Pavers are so durable and weather-proof.
    Find out more from our gardening services Adelaide team how pavers can beautify your home, but also be very practical. Read more here

  • Gutter Cleaning Service

    Gardening services AdelaideGutters can quickly become clogged with leaves and debris from adjacent trees and bushes – then that unexpected shower of rain will fill the gutters to overflowing creating a mess and maybe even damaging your timberwood. Materials in your gutters might be the catalyst to start the gutters rusting, reducing their serviceable life.
    If you are harvesting rainwater you’ll regret not having the gutters clean because the gutter debris will be washed into your rainwater tanks.

    Warning! Ladder falls danger
    Why don’t you clamber up the ladder and clean the gutters yourself ? Well your ladder is the most dangerous piece of equipment around your home – Men over 50 are particularly at risk from injury and even death from ladder falls at home.

  • Outdoor lighting

    Why should the light only be inside your house? Outdoor lighting helps extend your life into the outdoors.
    Outdoor lighting also helps you or your guests to see where they are outside. LED and low voltage lighting can be safely installed by the All Seasons Yard Services team so dont pay a premium for an electrician to install your outdoor lighting when we can do it much cheaper.


Our Gardening Services Adelaide help you to have a beautiful garden without having to do all the hard work yourself.