Garden Maintenance

We schedule monthly or seasonal visits to keep your garden looking great all year.

Garden Maintenance

Garden Maintenance is key to keeping your garden looking beautiful and healthy. some of the important garden maintenance activities you might choose to allow All seasons Yard Services to provide for you might include:

Pruning bushes

Trimming or pruning plants not only helps keep it in shape, but will also encourage attractive new growth.
Pruning is one of the most under-undervalued garden maintenance activities. with some plants pruning is a strictly seasonal activity, and other plant species can be pruned whenever it is most convenient. Check with our experts which of your plants you would like pruned and we’ll let you know when they can be done.

Service the irrigation System

We’ll clean and service your garden’s irrigation system to ensure it is watering your garden evenly and with the right amount of water.

The tiny water jets in the irrigation lines can become blocked if the watering system filter isn’t doing its job properly. We’ll also check the irrigation lines to make sure there’s no leaks, and clean the filters too.

You might require some additional  water lines to be added into your irrigation system to water new plants and we can help you with that too!


We’ll weed your garden for you to save you from this back breaking chore. Removing weeds ensures that your garden plants don’t have to share the water and soil nutrients with pesky plant invaders, so they’ll be much healthier. weeds can spoil the look of an otherwise beautiful garden so its well worth us doing it for you.


Mulching will reduce the amount of water the garden needs significantly, and that will save you money on your next water bill. Mulch also supports populations of helpful soil micro-organisms which will improve your soils naturally and help keep the plants healthier.

Mow the lawn

We will mow your lawn on a period basis so you never have to worry about it about. a nicely mown lawn will improve the look of your garden and home.