Gardening Companies Adelaide

Gardening Companies Adelaide

Gardening Companies AdelaideYou’ve decided to look for some help in your garden – but who do you choose ?
Here’s a list of helpful suggestions on selecting a gardening company that matches your needs

Gardening Company Cost

Everyone has a budget, and we’re all keen to save some money that we could then put into other garden projects. We all understand why some quotes come in cheaper – it usually means you’re going to pay somewhere else.

  • the job might take longer
    • equipment not available or inferior
    • less people on the team
    • not as skilled or experienced
  • there might be hidden savings
    • cheaper products used
  • increased risk to you
    • they don’t have insurance
    • no or limited warranty

Gardening equipment


  • Modern equipment can not only get the job done quicker, it often does the job better. Invariably a gardening company with good quality equipment will provide a better job, and likely safer with less disruption to you and your neighbours.

Who are they ?

Its important to assure yourself that the gardening company can do what they claim, and do a good job too. Testimonials are a good place to start, and you could even ring one or two referrals to satisfy yourself they are as good as they claim.

Are the garden business so confident about their services that they provide a satisfaction guarantee ?
That’s a great sign that they do good work!

Maybe you’d prefer that all employees or contractors have police checks ?

What gardening services do you need ?

Once you’ve assured yourself the gardeners will do a good job, what is it that you need done ?
Do you need a specific task or project undertaken, or are you looking for someone to provide an ongoing/seasonal service ?

Questions you could ask a new gardening company:

  1. How long have you been in the gardening business?
  2. What training or qualifications do you and your team have ?
  3. What sort of equipment do you use
    e.g. petrol or electric mowers, brush cutters, electric blowers
  4. How do you dispose of pruned vegetation and grass clippings
    Do you use the owner’s “green” vegetation bins or do you you remove and dispose ?
  5. Payment
    Can I settle by credit card?
  6. Do you have a satisfaction guarantee for your work?

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